Brand new take to are split up into several communities, a more youthful (11–thirteen yrs old) and you can an adult that (14–17 years of age)

Ozan Barış Erim
2023 aprelnıñ 01 , 09:02
Ozan Barış Erim
2023 aprelnıñ 01 , 09:02

Brand new take to are split up into several communities, a more youthful (11–thirteen yrs old) and you can an adult that (14–17 years of age)

We acquired 2666 adolescents (46.8%) from the very first class (mean many years 12.6 many years; SD 0.89) and 3031 (53.2%) from the next class (indicate decades 15.five years; SD 0.90) .

Inside young group, this new mean Bmi try (SD step 3.12), during the elderly category Body mass index indicate was (SD 2.75).

Guys among them take to (n=2671), got an excellent Bmi indicate out-of 20.1 (SD 3.03), which have a suggest ages of age (SD step one.70), if you find yourself ladies (n=3026), got a Body mass index indicate regarding 20.dos (SD dos.95), with an indicate ages of (SD step 1.67) .

Body mass index, overweight and you can obesity

About complete 5697 teenagers as part of the take to, 89 (step one.6%) was indeed classified since over weight. There were alot more heavy lady (51.7%) weighed against guys (forty-eight.3%). What amount of kids classified since obese is 822 (fourteen.4%). There were a great deal more obese guys (53.5%) compared with people (46.5%). Overweight are more widespread one of guys than certainly one of females [? 2 (1)=; P 2 (1)=; P 2 (1)=; P table step 3).


Discover a positive change ranging from fat and you can non-obese (n=5566; t=step 1.977; P dos (1)=0.565; P=0.452] and fat [? 2 (1)=0.687; P=0.407] kids, compared to the remainder sample.

Weight loss conduct

Certain (7.3%) of adolescents claimed getting for the eating plan so you can shed weight, if you’re twenty two.3% stated not being on the eating plan however, which they needed seriously to cure pounds. Female stated diet more than people (twenty five.3% regarding men and you may 74.7% away from ladies) [? 2 (1)=; P dos (2)=; P dos (1)=; P dos (1)=; P 2 (1)=0.625; P=0.429]. On the other hand, there is a statistically factor involving the amount of intimate members of the family and over weight: 75% off low-overweight advertised having a couple of family unit members and you can 71.2% from overweight [? 2 (1)=5.24; P=0.022].

Finding the fresh new friends

Particular 87.7% of the teenagers reported they becoming easy to find the brand new household members. It was harder and also make family unit members both for fat [? 2 (1)=; P dos (1)=; P 2 (1)=; P 2 (3)=; P dos (3)=; P dos (3)=; P 16 ). The new eight-area size is classified towards the around three groups (narrow, average and you may over weight). A team of 254 young ones (cuatro.7%) thought by themselves ‘thin’; of these, 67.3% have been female, 85.4% belonged to the elderly group and you can 98.8% considered themselves as not overweight. Them sensed themselves once the not heavy. Regarding the category whom felt themselves ‘average’, 4948 youngsters (ninety.8%) had been incorporated; of them, 53.7% were people, 53.0% belonged towards the old category, 87.7% Discover More Here felt on their own once the not overweight and you will 99.1% thought by themselves because the not-being obese. On group which experienced by themselves ‘overweight’, 250 young ones (cuatro.6%) was indeed integrated; of these, 59.6% were females, 60.4% fall under younger class, 68% believed on their own as actually obese and you may 16.8% felt themselves as actually overweight. The fresh suggest Bmi of those which known themselves just like the slim for the the picture is (SD 2.14), on average groups try (SD 2.78), as well as the fresh heavy category was (SD 3.84).

One-ways ANOVA and you will Scheffe’s article hoc shot of these kinds inside the latest feeling from human anatomy photo (slim, average otherwise overweight) exhibited mathematically extreme differences in Bmi [F(dos,5449)=; P dos (1)=391.1; P=0.000].

This exact same that-means ANOVA and you will Scheffe’s article hoc sample for these classes within the perception out of muscles photo (narrow, mediocre or fat) plus exhibited statistically tall differences to own years. The greater number of frequent identity of a good fat visualize since like own shape try a great deal more repeated within the more youthful kids [F(dos,5449)=; P 2 =0.349). A few of these variables were rather associated with the thought of looks picture, but intercourse. Body mass index, diet behavior and you can physical appearance have been certainly related. Decades try negatively associated ( desk cuatro).